Date Event
2/28 wednesday Tiffany Lantello’s Grad recital in the ROD playing north indian music 8-10pm...
3/3- saturday Alex Shaw’s Grad Recital , playing some traditional brazilian music... 8-10pm in the ROD.
3/18 sunday Bradley Butterworth’s Grad Recital, playing some traditional brazilian music in the ROD 8-10pm
4/7 saturday 8-10pm Anthony Storniolo’s Grad Recital, playing west african music in the wildbeast (TBA, may or may not play)
4/22 a sunday my grad recital 8-10pm in the ROD...
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4/26- a thursday noon concert with african song class with nani... in main gallery..
44/27-29 world music fest- doing african, persian, indian, brazilian, mexican/latin music here all throughout. (Livestream link from the wildbeast since it’s Open Beast concerts)